You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This

Thursday, 3 October 2013


 Cate Blanchett goes Blanche Dubois in contemporary San Francisco. A fragile, nervy Southern Belle, her performance seems to have been lifted wholesale from her 2008 appearance in Streetcar – and it’s cracking. Assured Oscar nom. A riches to rags tale, Woody Allen’s direction is crisp and the script otherwise focuses on endearing character sketches: Sally Hawkins’ cheery Ginger, Bobby Cannavale’s greaseball Chili, Alec Baldwin as Jasmine’s charming conman ex. A light tragedy run through with comedy – Louis CK appears as the nice guy anti-Chili – it’s not quite Tennesse Williams (though the jazz certainly makes an appearance), but the inspiration Allen draws from theater shows no sign of drying up. 8/10.

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